20 W unidirectional Metal Sound Projector EN 54


This unidirectional 20 W sound projector features a wide frequency response and its high efficiency. With its IP 65 protection class, the SOM 20-130 / T EN is universally usable indoors as well as outdoors. Thanks to the certification according to the EN 54-24, it is suitable for use in voice alarm systems in accordance with VDE 833 part 4, as well as for use in electro-acoustic emergency warning systems according to EN 60849. With its modern design and its good playback quality, this sound projector are an excellent choice for use in hotels, shopping malls, airports, railway platforms etc. The mounted thermal fuse, as well as the ceramic terminal guarantee this 20 W sound projector also be used in projects, should be implemented in accordance with the BS5839 Part 8.

Součástí dodávky
Pre-mounted fire-resistant, 6-wire connection cable, length 0.90 m Includes mounting bracket and strap / body attachment (please specify the assembly instructions)!