Reproduktory dle EN 54-24

Stropní reproduktory

Important information about sound pressure level data: In the past, the sound pressure level (1 W / 1 m, with possibly + / -10 dB) were often given with their PEAK values ​​in the technical data of a 100 V loudspeaker in Germany. This was possible because there was no nominative specifications, specify this uniformly. However, but this did not reflect the real characteristic of the sound pressure level again. However, since the intelligibility does not only work on this peak value, was specified in EN 54 Part 24, the sound pressure level to be tested and thus provided even, over a averaged bandwidth (frequency range 88.6 Hz to 11.3 kHz). To represent transparent and thus realistic, especially in the important planning, and afterwards also in the execution phase, the actual characteristic value for our customers, we have provided this very important value now as it is checked in the EN54 part 24 and also documented in the technical data. At this value, it is the sound pressure, which is often also listed under the term sensitivity. Surely thus differs, at first glance, the value of the now specified mean sound pressure (SPL 1 W / 1 m) to the peak value indicated in the past, in some cases considerably higher (SPL 1 W / 1 m), but as mentioned above , this averaged value reflects on the band width, the actual and thus realistic value. If you still need a respective peak value, we will provide you at any time the data sheet, or please get in touch with your appropriate technical contact person from our home. <br />
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Starting on April 1, 2011 loudspeakers in compliance with EN 54-24 are required for use with voice alarm systems according to DIN VDE 0833-4 (Germany) and TRVB S 158 (Austria). As a result of this we have new EN 54-24-compliant loudspeakers whose chassis feature waterproofing for humid spaces. These speakers can be found in the part number range 5824xx. All other loudspeakers may be used for systems in accordance with EN 60849 as well as VDE 0828.