Digitální stanice hlasatele

Stanice hlasatele pro neevakuační účely

Systém DIGIM je univerzální systém neevakuačních stanic hlasatele, přičemž až 40 stanic je ​možné propojit paralelně. K systému Variodyn je možné tyto stanice připojit prostřednictvím ​jednotky UIM.

Tyto mikrofonní stanice slouží např. pro pokladny nebo všude tam, kde je v projektu nutné provozovat vice neevakuačních stanic.

The DIGISystem M is a universal telephone system for loudspeakers. Up to 40 telephone systems can be connected parallel, though only one LF-input is used. Processor-controlled different functions for the keys are possible depending on the type. They can be easily customized to the respective systems by removing some diode or bridges by the user. No receiver is required in the ELA-power system. The LF-output should be directed on a UIM-line input and the switching output to UIM-contact inputs. The control line 9 is equipped to trigger this function with a minimum lag of time to prevent mechanical noise while pressing the keys.

The telephone stations are suitable for the use in departmental stores, courts, furniture stores, home improvement store etc.

The telephone stations are NOT for safety-related announcements, for e.g. allowed for alerts and evacuations.